Collaborating institutions

Norway’s expertise network in the oil and gas sector has been built on over 40 years of experience of development in the harsh and demanding conditions of the Norwegian continental shelf.

From the start, Norwegian authorities established a basis for the systematic development of the country’s offshore petroleum resources, a wealth distribution policy and, later, a pension fund (the Oil Fund). The oil and gas industry has put the nation right at the forefront of technology development and environmental and safety issues, making the organisation of Norwegian oil operations a model for many other nations.

Petrad’s collaborating partners in Norway include research institutes, universities, oil and gas companies and government agencies. More than 400 experts have contributed to Petrad’s various activities as lecturers and advisers.

Norwegian Ministries, Directorates and Governement Institutions
Ministry of Petroleum and Energy
Ministry of Education and Research
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Environment
Ministry of Trade and Industry
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
The Office of the Prime Minister
Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
Petroleum Safety Authority Norway
Norwegian Agency for Developent Cooperation (NORAD)
Oil for Development (OfD)
Norwegian Climate and Pollution Agency
Norwegian Pollution Control Authority

Universities and research institutions
University of Stavanger 
University of Bergen
University of Oslo
University of Tromsø
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
The University Centre in Svalbard
Demo 2000, The Research Council of Norway
Petromaks, The Research Council of Norway
International Research Institute of Stavanger
Bodø Graduate School of Business - The new energy programs
Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration
Institute for Energy Technology
SINTEF – Petroleum and energy
Norwegain Social Science Sata Services (NSD)


Industry and organisations
The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association
Federation of Norwegian Industries
Society of Petroleum Engineers, Stavanger
Industri Energi – The Norwegian Oil and Petrochemical Workers' Union
Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative
Publish What You Pay
Revenue Watch Institute