The 8-weeks Programmes

New: the Operations 8 weeks programme is eligible to 30 international master level credit points, this is issued by University of Stavanger. More details and additional cost information to be found further down on this page. We are working on the same for the Policy class and will announce this when ready.

Petroleum resources can add substantially to a nation’s economic development and social wealth, and should therefore be managed by national authorities to the benefit of its people, safeguarding the environment and the needs of future generations. This is the presmise for the purpose and design of 8-week programmes.

It is an ambition for most emerging petroleum nations to develop national capabilities to effectively control and manage the extraction of petroleum resources, and also to ensure beneficial national participation through the whole range of petroleum sector activities. State of the art technology knowlegde is an essential element. To achieve such knowlegde contribution from international industry along with good interaction with civil society are key to success. This calls for an adequate legal framework to be prepared and implemented, as well as for able and competent governmental bodies to be organized for an efficient monitoring of the sector by the authorities.

There are two 8-week programmes running in parallel;  Policy and Operations - brochures to be found in the margin of this page.

The programmes take place in Stavanger situated on the southwest coast of Norway, at the PETRAD training venue.

The programme is intended for candidates who hold, or are in line to be promoted to, management positions within government institutions and national oil companies re­sponsible for regulatory development and administrative control over the upstream petroleum sector. Candidates must have relevant academic education at Master or Bachelor level and minimum four years of relevant experience. Petrad encourage women to participate.

The Programmes run from September to November each year.

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The application deadline is 1st June 2016.


University MSc study points

Now, starting in 2015, participants are provided with the option to achieve 30 University MSc study points. These study points can be used in the Master of Technology and Operations Management at the University of Stavanger, or in other similar master programs. The extra fee to achieve study points is NOK 12500 (, or approx. USD 1640). 

The University of Stavanger has the overall responsibility and will manage the administrative processes associated with the point achieving. Prerequisites: BSc degree in technology related disciplines, including geoscience; Four to five years of relevant working experience, primarily in the petroleum industry. For those of you that would like to achieve these study points you can apply for a scholarship, but due to very limited scholarships for this we do recommend you seek other sources of funding as a primary source.

Requirements to obtaining course diploma from the University of Stavanger;

· Have participated in the 8-weeks programme arranged by Petrad, Stavanger with at least 90% attendance in class.

· Have participated in group work and contributed to presentation of group work reports.

· Have passed all individual tests throughout the 8-week study period in Stavanger

· Have a passing grade in the project.

Forms of assessment:






Project Report


4months after course in Stavanger is finalized



Group work participation and group report


Throughout the 8-week programme

All, open book


3 tests throughout the 8-week period


Throughout the 8-week programme

Closed book