Providing petroleum knowledge

Petrad is committed to strengthening our participants’ capabilities for effective contributions to managing petroleum resources and operations, on behalf of nations as well as commercial enterprises.

Focus on managing resources

The “upstream” petroleum sector is central to our scope of learning.  It involves finding and extracting oil and gas from the underground, to obtain products which can be sold. There are several dimensions in which the sector needs to be understood:

  • The value chain: Activities needed to find, produce and deliver petroleum;

  • The contexts: Geology, technology, society, natural environment, markets and economics forming the circumstances of petroleum operations;

  • The governance: Requirements for managing petroleum resources to achieve their benefits and protect from harm.

A central theme to all our work is the management of petroleum resources from the public perspective, to create lasting benefits for the population of host nations. This draws many professionals from public service to our courses, but also from companies and from civil society institutions. Commercial enterprises bring the capabilities required for finding and safely producing the underground resources. Our courses address the technical and commercial sides of the business, which need to be well understood by company as well as public service professionals.   

Our courses tend to be multi-disciplinary, exposing participants to issues of technology, geo-sciences, law, economics, environment and political sciences.  Participants are trained at skills of working effectively in multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams, as oil professionals often must.

Beyond the upstream petroleum sector we also provide learning opportunities in related fields, including downstream petroleum sectors, energy systems and extractive sector management.


Scheduled events and targeted programmes

Petrad provides scheduled courses and programmes, for which we will receive individual applications for participation.  The mainstay of our scheduled offering is the annual 8 weeks programmes, which we have provided since the early 1990s.  Click here to learn more about our scheduled courses and programmes.

Petrad also provides targeted programmes of competence development, which are agreed with client institutions and developed to suit their needs. They can be stand-alone courses on a specific subject, or programmes running over an extended period and covering a comprehensive set of training needs. Click here to learn more about the targeted programmes which we can provide.

Our one-week course, Introduction to petroleum, is a standard course which is usually held for participants from one country by agreement with one or more institutions of that country.  Click here to learn more about our Introduction to Petroleum course.



Norwegian and global perspectives

Petrad is based in Norway, serving a global audience.  We believe this has some advantages.  Click here to read more.

The Petrad learning experience

Over its 25+ years of operations Petrad has developed a set of techniques to enhance the learning outcomes of our courses and events.  Click here to learn more.


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