The Petrad learning experience

Learning is hard work. We know how we can help you.

Over its 25+ years of operations Petrad has developed a set of techniques to enhance the learning outcomes of our courses and events. They are most fully deployed in our long scheduled courses (8 weeks and 2 weeks), but are an important basis also for our shorter events and targeted programmes.

A short clip from a lecture on petroleum policy, by Farouk Al-Kasim

Listening and engaging

As a participant at our courses, you will of course receive information given as lectures. Crucially, you will also be expected to engage actively in discussions and group practices. This reinforces your own learning, lets participants learn from each other’s insights and makes the process much more stimulating. We do not let you forget that learning is hard work, but it should be enjoyable also.

 Inter-disciplinary and inter-cultural

Finding and producing petroleum resources is complicated business. So are the challenges of managing the sector to secure the benefits and protect from harm. It requires sophisticated organisations which bring many professions together:  Geo-scientists, engineers of various specialisations, environmentalists, economists, lawyers and others.

This is reflected in the inter-disciplinary composition of our scheduled courses, and usually also in the professional qualifications of participants. They are exposed to knowledge from other professions than their own. In our scheduled courses, practice teams include persons of different professions and different nationalities who will solve complex problems together.

Experience and science


Petrad conveys insights which are based on petroleum sector experience and supported by formal science. We are privileged to be able to draw upon the insights of a number of distinguished professionals with a wealth of experience from industry, public administration and academia. Click here to get to know our key resource persons better.

Eureka and Eldorado

We hope you are happy to be in Norway or wherever your course is.  But we have created yet another country for you to immerse yourself in, to practice what you learn at the course.  The country may be called Eureka, Eastland, Eldorado or something else. The imaginary country has a map, a flag, resources in the ground, a President, ministries, scandals, a newspaper  -  and you. Scenario practices are an important learning component in Petrad’s courses.

There is oil and gas to be produced there and money to be made, but to that end petroleum rights must be negotiated, field developments must be planned, and a host of other issues must be dealt with. You will be part of a team representing a ministry, an oil company or a civil society organisation. It is a great job, and one to keep you going.

Industry and excursions

Our courses in Stavanger usually include visits to petroleum related firms and operations. Norway's oil and gas production are all offshore, where we cannot take you, but many of the support operations are located around Stavanger.

World wide friends and colleagues

At our longer courses you spend time with a group of people for weeks. Chances are, you will return home having made international friendships which will endure for many years. We are in a very scenic region and, weather permitting, we shall take you on some stimulating outdoor activities (and, lest you get worried, we shall also take you safely back to the hotel afterwards).  Perhaps fishing, ice-skating and walking in mountains are new to you?


We ask participants to comment on the quality of lectures and other learning elements, which lets us continuously improve our courses.  There are also knowledge tests for the same purpose as well as letting participants assess their own knowledge.


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