Norwegian and global perspectives

Petrad is based in Norway, and was established as a not-for-profit foundation by Norwegian public institutions. Our activities continue to be supported by Norwegian public resources, notably as a result of Norway's "Oil for Development" initiative. Norway as a nation is widely acknowledged to have found ways of managing its petroleum which indeed benefit the country and its people to a great extent, something which is clearly not always the case around the world. Much interest has therefore been expressed internationally in learning from Norway's experience. 

Petrad conveys Norwegian experience in petroleum management in a global context. Since knowledge has no nationality, and since Norway's unique conditions cannot be replicated elsewhere, we are also committed to providing knowledge which represents global standards and achievements. Our faculty of resource persons consists of senior professionals who possess a wealth of experience from Norwegian and international petroleum operations, national management of the petroleum sector and academia. Their professional experience and the international body of research literature form the basis for the knowledge which we provide.

Top image:  The Statfjord 'C' platform towed to the field in 1984.