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  • 21.12.15

    Petrad receives the Competence Sharing Award 2015

    The award took place at the Chamber of Commerce Christmas meeting at Rogaland Theatre Friday Dec 18th.  

    This is the 8th year that the annual Competence Sharing Award is given out. The purpose of the award is to encourage the sharing of knowledge and learning. The candidates shall in particular have contributed to the sharing and transfer of experience within a company / organization or an industry cluster. The Chamber of Commerce wishes to promote the Stavanger region as a competence region through this award.
    - This is particularly important at a time when the need for competence-driven restructuring is essential. It has never been more important to reward people and businesses that make a particular contribution to the sharing of competence. Competition is healthy, but it is collaboration across businesses, institutions and industries that drive us forward, said jury chairman and chairman of the Chamber of Commerce, Steinar Aasland, during the allocation in Rogaland Theatre.

    This year's jury consisted of Steinar Aasland, Bjørg Kaspersen, one of the initiators of the award, the awardee in 2014 IRIS v / Ole Ringdal and Einar Leknes and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, Harald Minge.
    Past winners are Norwegian Shell, Skretting, Rogaland Training & Education Centre, BP Norway, the Petroleum Museum, Inger Tone Ødegård in the Chamber of Commerce and IRIS.
    - This year's prizewinner has systematically and over time worked with knowledge sharing, not just regionally and nationally, but for the benefit of a number of the world nations. Petrad plays a key role as a disseminator of knowledge on behalf of the most important industry for the Stavanger region - and Norway, said Aasland.

    Petrad has for more than 25 years shared Norway's experience in the management of petroleum resources with other nation’s petroleum governments and national oil companies in over 100 countries. More than 1,100 people have attended their 8-week programs, and Petrad has during these years carried out training activities for around 20,000 people.
    The foundation aims to develop and implement training programs related to petroleum management, for leaders within the petroleum sector in developing countries and countries with economies in transition.
    Petrad runs activities focused on knowledge transfer within the petroleum sector in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe, and organize seminars and training, institutional development and advisory services to the authorities.

    Missions are mostly carried out on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, NORAD, Norwegian Petroleum Directorate, Ministry of Climate and Environment and the Norwegian Environment Agency.
    Petrad is a neutral non-profit foundation that facilitates transfer of knowledge in petroleum and management, but through their programs they also mediate a large dose of Norwegian culture, history and nature. Prior participants to their courses become good ambassadors for Norway in their respective countries and institutions. This is paramount when the developing countries establish their own energy policies and are to develop their own or buy technology.
    “Petrad is also visiting a variety of businesses and other institutions throughout the west coast as part of the 8-week courses, so that these also get to communicate their expertise to the participants. In addition, there is corresponding dissemination to the countries that Norway has chosen to cooperate with through the development assistance program Oil for Development. Petrad generates many new “Norway friends” through their work. There is evidence that people and institutions are emerging as highly competent in their respective countries thanks to Petrads work.” the jury states.

    This press release was origanally published in Norwegian and you can find it here:
    and at the Chamber of Commerce's homepage:

  • 09.12.15

    Training programme on Petroleum Value Chain Lebanon

    This training program was developed specifically for the Technical and Engineering Department of the Lebanon Petroleum Administration (LPA). The objective with the training program was to improve the participant's technincal and operational understanding. The programme has been developed by NPD and Petrad in collaboration with LPA based on their request needs for increased competence within specific areas of the petroleum sector. 


  • 09.12.15

    Petrad has successfully completed its second 2 weeks course on National Management of Petroleum Resources

    Evidence from several countries suggests that successful national management of extractive resources cannot be taken for granted. It also suggests that successful resource management has some general characteristics while also requiring careful adaptation to the particular circumstances of each nation.  Petroleum activities anywhere tend to have profound transformative impacts on society. Ensuring that those impacts will be overwhelmingly favourable, long lasting and benefitting the population in general, are the overall challenges for national resource management. With reference to the above contextual setting, and the experiences from the first 2 weeks course held in 2014, Petrad decided to go forward with second course in 2015, also fully financed by the Oil for Development Program. It is concluded from the feedback received that the course was very successful and met the objectives of the participants. Petrad is therefore planning for a similar course in April 2016.


    The next 2-weeks course on National Management of Petroleum Resources, April 18th to 29th, 2016 - Click here for further information and application 

  • 03.11.15

    Former Petrad Managing Director Dr. Øystein Berg honored in Malaysia

    Dr. Øystein Berg, Managing Director of Petrad from 1994 till 2013, received an honorary doctorate as «Honorary Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering» at the Petronas University of Technology in Malaysia. Dr. Berg received this honor for his long standing collaboration with Petronas, including his assistance in developing the university that today has 7000 students, all of them in oil and gas related subjects.

    Øystein Berg's vital role in the cooperation between Malaysia and Norway in the petroleum sector was also emphasized. Present at the ceremony were tv and press and top management of Petronas.

  • 12.03.15

    Facilitating learning processes since 1989 - Activity overview

    Since its establishment, Petrad has facilitated nearly 700 capacity development events in over 50 countries. More than 20 000 participants from over 100 frontier or experienced petroleum nations have learned and shared knowledge with the Norwegian experience as a starting point.

    In general, participants represent petroleum authorities or national oil companies, where they hold positions in line for, or at a management level at the time of participation. Feedback has proved that the facilitated processes, the training events and the network have contributed to strengthen capacity development of the participants’ institutions as well as individual competence enhancement.