Civil society workshop

Civil society and the petroleum sector: Agents for transparency and accountability

November 25th - December 5th in Stavanger and Oslo, Norway

This is an extended workshop for personnel who are engaged with Non-Governmental Organisations in the partner countries of the Oil for Development programme.

The workshop is intended to strengthen civil society organisations in their capacity to work effectively with the petroleum sector. The general aims are transparency of transactions and accountability for decisions, actions and omissions which touch the public interest. This event is intended primarily for personnel working with NGOs in the Oil for Development partner countries. It is conceived partly as an educational event, partly as an opportunity for exchange of insights from several countries.

The educational aspect of the workshop entails learning about petroleum operations and how they are managed. Knowledge about the sector helps NGOs relate effectively to it. Exchanges of experience and insights will come from meetings with Norwegian institutions, including public institutions and NGOs, and from interactions between participants.

Download the course brochure.

Applications to particiate in the workshop are open. The event is sponsored by the Oil for Development programme, and there is no participation fee. Admissions will be limited, and with priority to persons of the intended target groups.

To apply, fill in and submit the form on this link (Opens as a form in Google Drive). In addition, applicants must send the following items as email attachments to

  • A letter from a senior official of your organisation confirming your association with it and recommending your participation;
  • A short essay (500-1000 words) written by yourself in which you share your thoughts and experience with issues of transparency and accountability, and how your work will benefit from the workshop.
  • A scanned passport copy.

Kindly notify us on in case you experience any difficulties with the application form.

The application deadline is September 23rd, 2019. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their applications. Successful applicants will receive guidance on how to apply for a visa to come to Norway for the event, and must take action on this swiftly after being notified. Successful applicants will be expected to read certain materials as preparations before coming to the course.

If you have an interest in the course but not yet ready to submit an application, you can submit an expression of interest on this link. You will then receive information from Petrad on this and later courses, and access to certain reading materials, videos etc relevant to the topic.