2-weeks course: National Management of Petroleum Resources

An advanced course in managing a nation’s resource endowment

This course is based on the premise that nations should manage their petroleum resources to create long term benefits for the nation and its population. Most countries choose to involve commercial enterprises in petroleum operations in order to benefit from the capabilities that such enterprises can bring.  The relationship between national authorities and commercial enterprises is therefore central to successful management of petroleum resources.

The course aims to expand participants’ understanding of the requirements for managing the petroleum sector of a nation. It provides expert lectures and team practices in the following topical areas:

  • Managing natural resources: General principles and international practice

  • Governance, policy and regulation

  • Organisation and regulatory capacity building

  • Managing the petroleum field life cycle

  • General issues in resource management

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Who should attend

The course is designed for public administrators, politicians, petroleum company professionals, academia and others who are engaged in petroleum sector issues from a societal perspective. A university degree and several years of relevant professional experience are desirable. Proficiency in the English language is required. Participants shall be expected to participate actively throughout the course including team practices, and must be prepared for two weeks of intense learning work.

We also recommend the course to previous participants in our 8-weeks programmes, as an opportunity to refresh and expand their insights in the field.

Admission to the course will be confirmed in writing by Petrad. Petrad reserves the right to reject any application for participation. 


Costs and practical matters

We are pleased to announce that the new standard price for the course is USD 5000 (five thousand US dollars),-.

The course attendance fee covers all course events, learning materials, lunch during session days, some dinners, excursions. We will negotiate good rates so that all participants can be accommodated in the same hotel, with bus transport provided between the hotel and course venue. But you are free to stay in another hotel, or elsewhere.

Participants must arrange for travel to and from the course venue in Norway, and must obtain a visa to Norway if required. See also information at the end of the Course application form. The course starts on a Monday morning in accordance with the scheduled dates.  Participants will be invited to a welcome reception on the evening prior to course start (Sunday).  The course ends on a Friday, 4:00 pm (Norway time).  There will be course activities on the Saturday between the two weeks.

For courses held in Stavanger, you can find more information on local attractions at www.visitstavanger.com. Stavanger is the home of much of Norway’s petroleum industry.


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