About Petrad

Petrad provides petroleum knowledge for the world

We provide courses and other forms of capacity building for the petroleum sector internationally.

Petrad was founded on the vision that oil and gas anywhere in the world should be exploited for the benefit of the societies where they are found. This requires knowledge and capability on the part of those managing the petroleum resources. Petrad is a supplier of such knowledge through its courses and other learning programmes. 

We provide scheduled courses, for which individuals can register and a participation fee applies. We also provide specialised learning opportunities for institutions, developed to suit their needs. These may be courses, seminars, workshops, visits or extensive programmes.

Petrad is based in Stavanger, Norway. Our main courses take place here, with participants from many different countries. We also provide courses and specalised events in other countries, having worked in more than 50 countries sine we started in 1990.

Petrad is organised as a not-for-profit foundation for the purpose of pursuing its mission, to which you will find a link below.

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